Why do you need spill prevention?

The North American Environmental Protection Act requires any person who owns or oversees a substance to take reasonable measures to prevent an environmental emergency and to cleanup a spill if one occurs. Failure to do so can result in costly fines or jail time by your government. Knowing this, it means that we are each responsible for taking our part in protecting the environment and keeping it healthy for future generations to enjoy.

What is the Plant Nappy?

The plant nappy has been designed to improve the commonly used spill prevention products. Rather than just merely containing spills, contaminates are absorbed into the base layer or liner of the Plant Nappy, which truly contains spills inside its layers rather than storing it in an additional container which could be prone to spilling or breaking. The top layer of the internal base and liners redirect water to the sidewalls which filter out the contaminates while allowing clean water to pass through. No longer would rainfall lead to your spill prevention measures being rendered ineffective and leading to the pollution of our environment.

 The Parts of the Plant Nappy

The Parts of the Plant Nappy

The Plant Nappy is composed of four main components. The base layer is a non-permeable layer to act as a barrier between the ground and any contaminated liquids. The side wall allows water to filter through, while retaining the contaminates. Water that escapes has been proven to contain less than 3.4ppm of contaminates. The side wall will retain its shape, which allows vehicles and equipment to drive over the walls without fear of damage or compromise of the Plant Nappy’s integrity. The internal base

rapidly absorbs oils and fuels, while repelling water from its surface. This means that the contaminates stay contained where you want them while water will repel towards the side wall. Additional liners offer the same features as the internal base but allows the same nappy to be reused. This means that each Plant Nappy can have its lifetime extended by changing these liners when capacity has been met.

Why choose plant nappy?

The Plant Nappy is your flexible solution to costly environmental cleanup. While conventional drip trays serve their purpose, they have several functional flaws. Once there is a spill contained inside a drip tray it must be moved, and the spill must be safely disposed of. This occasionally leads to there being a spill regardless of the care taken, as the trays can be dropped, cracked, or even spilt again while transferring to another container.


With the Plant Nappy, fuels and oils are rapidly absorbed into the lining which makes moving it a breeze without fear of dropping or spilling any contaminates. The side walls of the Plant Nappy are tough but retain their flexibility. This removes worries of broken trays and allows the user to drive their vehicle or equipment right on top of it thanks to the shape retention. To clean up, simply dispose of the Plant Nappy with your other contaminated goods, or to increase the life of your Plant Nappy, use the removable liners and change them when necessary.

When using a drip tray outdoors there is the fear of the elements. The sun can weaken plastic, the wind can blow over trays, and rain can cause overflows. The Plant Nappy is UV resistant, offering excellent resistance to color fade and UV breakdown. If the wind and rain is a concern in your working environment, then you can use pegs and secure the Plant Nappy using its four securing tabs. Any issue with rain is avoided thanks to the lining which repels water, and the sidewalls which allow rainwater to pass through while keeping the contaminates inside.

National Safety Solutions and Plant Nappy

National Safety Solutions and Plant Nappy

Safety is our focus. With the Start Right Safety System we aim to protect the well-being of both employees and civilians by requiring 360° walk around inspections, and to foster a culture of safety to stop preventable accidents. Now, we aim to focus these same ideals towards our environment and we believe Plant Nappy is the solution.

The Sizes

The Sizes

The Plant Nappy comes in three sizes, with custom sizes available.


  • External dimensions – 500mm x 685mm (19.7" x 27")
  • Internal dimensions – 460mm x 645mm (18.1" x 25.4")
  • Absorbs 2 litres of hydrocarbons


  • External dimensions – 1000mm x 685mm (39.4"x27")
  • Internaldimensions – 960mm x 645mm (37.8" x 25.4")
  • Absorbs 4.5 litres


  • External dimensions – 2000mm x 1370mm (78.7" x 53.9")
  • Internal dimensions – 1960mm x 1330mm (77.2" x 52.4")
  • Absorbs 16 litres