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Many injuries in the workplace occur from safety failings. Be sure to keep your employees safe with our innovative system that hold scaffolding inspectors accountable.

The Multi-point Inspection System

Protecting people, environment, assets, and reputation.

When employees do not complete the standard scaffold 360° walk around, it almost always brings on the needless and negative cost to the workplace.

NSSL has the solution. With our product, you can ensure that your employees are always in compliance with your company’s or client’s scaffolding walk-around policy.

We have the solution for your scaffold safety needs.

What is it?

What is it?

The Multi-point Inspection System scanner requires that the inspector complete a complete walk around all scaffolding, by passing over strategically placed Radio Frequency Identification tag on the scaffolding with the Start Right Safety System. Only after the entirety of the scaffold has been inspected, the tag at the bottom is signed off on.

How does it work?

With the Multi-point Inspection System, an inspector must complete a full walk around the scaffolding before it's signed off on.

With this technology, your company can ensure the safety of its employees and workplaces, minimizing the costs associated with failure to follow procedure.

With the use of this Multi-point Inspection System your company can and will show the highest level of compliance and due diligence, placing you a step above the rest.


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Thank you for considering safety as your top priority in purchasing our Start Right Safety System.

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