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Our System

The Start Right 360 Walk Around System was developed to ensure compliance when performing vehicle pre-trip inspections. The peace of mind you as a business owner will receive with our system will allow you to sleep soundly knowing that all your employees are performing their walk around inspections each and every time they enter a vehicle.

Never again will you have to wonder if your equipment is being maintained and inspected properly. With our easy to use Dashboard you can monitor and manage your fleet from anywhere!

Features Include

  • Mobile or Industrial versions available
  • Disabling Option Available
  • iPhone and Android Ready
  • Rigid Durability Testing
  • Customized Inspection Checklist
  • Verifiable Reporting
  • Easy To Use Dashboard
  • Customizable Packages
  • On-Call Support
  • Custom Integrations with Existing Fleet Management Software

Access Your Data Anywhere

Your data is important, therefore you should have access to it anytime you need! With our intuitive dashboard, managing your vehicle inspections is a breeze! Our team of developers and engineers have made a commitment to providing a simple, easy to use system. This commitment to you includes API Access, On-call support and troubleshooting at no additional cost!
*custom development may have additional charges depending on use-case and expandability


Ensure Your Equipment Is Being Inspected

Our alarm can be placed in your vehicles to encourage the operator to complete their 360 Walk Around. We suggest putting the alarm in any vehicle that is in use and not being inspected regularily. The 85db alarm will sound when the vehicle is started so that the operator is reminded he needs to complete a full walk around.


Worker Identification

Due to increasing demand, we have chosen to expand our original system to include Worker Identification Badges. These badges contain a unique ID and provide managers and team leaders the ability to quickly identify training and certification the worker has completed. You can also define required certificates for any equipment. This will ensure that whoever is inspecting your equipment is qualified to do so. These badges also act as the login for workers completing inspections so you as a business owner know who is using your equipment and who is completing inspections.

At National Safety Solutions we are constantly expanding our services and technology to provide our clients with the latest tools and strategies for building strong safety cultures, As such we are commited to helping our clients by developing new products and features as new challenges present themselves. If you have ideas for new features or products that will be a good fit in our offerings feel free to contact us so you can join our mission to enhance safety cultures across North America.

Below are some of the feature requests we currently have and are working towards.

Features Currently In Development

  • Toolbox / Tailgate Meetings
  • Incident Reporting
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Site Hazard Acknowledgment
  • Fall Detection
  • Work Alone Movement Monitoring

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